Complete Nail Tech Course

The Full Service Course gives you EVERY service that you can offer for the beginner Nail Tech.

IT IS THE best possible start you could choose...for you and your potential clients.

You WILL be able to offer all of the four overlay systems, (silk, fibreglass, acrylic and gel) as well Manicure and Pedicure (standard to luxury), beginners Nail Art and Gel Polish.

It combines ALL of the beginner's courses so that you have a 360 degree skill base from which to launch your new business.


Bear in mind, this is NOT a pay and pass course. You will be assessed throughout the Course by your tutor. If you are 'referred' (posh word for fail) then we give you another go for FREE. You can choose any venue that we offer for your resit. We really do want you to pass as you carry our name and reputation...

If you are lucky enough to be referred and get two courses for the price of one, you will be told exactly what and why you were referred. You will be advised on what your weak and strong points are.

You will need to practice these before attending the next course...we will be able to tell if you don't!

Due to this safety net we enable all ability and confidence levels the high probability of passing.

Our kits are substantial, like our courses, they are complete and hard for our competitors to them and see for yourself.....

You will be sent a Pre course Manual with information on Health & Safety, Client Consultation, Nail Disorders and diseases, reception duties, legal obligations etc. for you to complete before coming to the course. This will give you the basic knowledge that every therapist needs to run a small business legally and effectively.



Nail Technician Course


This course will enable you to offer overlays and extensions to your potential clients. After passing this course you will be able to offer Overlays and Extensions in ALL four of the overlay systems. (Acrylic, Gel, Silk and fibreglass)

Learning Nail Extensions can be tricky and most students benefit form a tutor led experience. The way we do things here at NABS is 98% practical application. The more mistakes the better, then we can show you how to rectify them. The more 'stupid' questions (as you call them) the better, then we can help you build your confidence so you feel well equipped to confidently treat clients.

Over the two day course you will cover all of the course content below:

  • Health & safety
  • Nail preparation
  • Nail disorders and diseases, different types of nail.
  • Nail tip application and blending.
  • Resin and uses.
  • Acrylic liquid and powder overlay systems, including rebalance, infill and removal.
  • Silk overlay systems including, rebalance, infill and removal.
  • Fibre glass overlay systems including, rebalance, infill and removal..
  • Gel overlay systems including rebalance, infill and removal.
  • Gel overlay systems including infills.
  • All information on the course is in the supporting manuals that you receive as part of your training.



Manicure and Pedicure


Manicure & Pedicure is a Service that offers Treatments to the Natural Nail. It comes from the Latin CURA...which means CARE. of the hand and foot. It really is a lovely treatment that is popular within most salons. It gives you the understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the lower arm and leg.

Not all clients want overlays or extensions but they still want a relaxing luxurious treatment for the most used yet neglected parts of our bodies, hands and feet.

  • Contra indications
  • Function of the nail
  • Nail structure
  • Manicure and pedicure procedure.
  • Massage
  • Luxury Treatments.
  • Polish
  • Aftercare advice.
  • Assessment



Nail Art & Gel Polish Course


In completing this course you will learn the techniques of decorating nails using Gel Polish and the below nail art techniques.

Gel Polish is a very popular system that is a 14 day no chip polish. It is one of the most popular treatments in the salon and an absolute must for any Nail Technician who wants to add probably the most lucrative treatment to their portfolio of skills.

Nail Art is not for everyone, but lots of your clients will want it, either consistently or just for special occasions...either way your clients will want it!

  • Foil
  • Glitter
  • Transfers
  • Marbling
  • Striping
  • Blending
  • Freehand painting
  • Nail Prep for Gel Polish
  • Correct application of Gel Polish
  • Correct removal of Gel Polish
  • Gel polish incorporating the above Nail Art

As with all of our courses it is INTENSE and is 98% practical application. There is no down time when you learn with us and if you are lucky you will get time for wisely.
On passing the course you will receive our accredited certification that will enable you to obtain insurance and start your nail career.

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